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A Year of Flowers – Roses in July

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It’s that time again…. Time for a new month in our Flower Patch Year of Flowers! 

This month we are bringing to you the Red Rose. These special flowers are fragrant, beautiful, and hold so much symbolism and meaning that’s near and dear to each of us. Today we will explore all of this and much more about this amazing flower! 


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Year of Flowers

Now, down to business. 


Red Roses


We are all familiar with the beauty, grace, and meaning of the red rose. We use it to show love, romance, and passion. Many sayings and historical metaphors are based on the Red Rose, and it’s a universal symbol. But let’s explore deeper into the meanings of this flower, give you some care tips and fun facts you may not know! 


What is the Rose, and where does it come from? 

Most species we know today originated in Asia roughly 5,000 years ago when garden cultivation of roses began in China. The blooms and seeds were then traded all over the world and since then have been part of mythology, medicine, and even war of the entire world.


Cultural meanings 

Dating back to Greek mythology, the creation of red roses has been linked to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. It is told that when Aphrodite came across her lover, Adonis, who was wounded by a wild boar, a mixture of her tears and his blood produced a beautiful red rose bush when they hit the ground.

Moving onto Roman mythology, the creation of red roses go a little differently. It is told that as Venus was running to warn her lover, Adonis, about a murder plot against him, she cut her ankles when she ran through a thorn bush. Her blood then turned into blooming red roses wherever it touched.

As well as the different colors representing different forms of romance or love, gifting different numbers of roses also have different meanings.


One Rose – Love at first sight, or if in a long-term relationship ‘you are still the only one’

Two Roses – Mutual love and affection

Six Roses – Infatuation and the need to be yours

Ten Roses – Their love is perfection

Eleven Roses – True and deep love that is treasured

Twelve Roses – A classic gift that says ‘be mine’

Fifteen Roses – An apology for a loved one

Twenty-Four Roses – Clearly state that ‘I’m yours’

Thirty-Six Roses – Head over heels in love

Fifty Roses – A love that has no bounds


Roses in the natural world 

Since the rise in popularity of roses, they have been hybridized heavily, with new colors and species being created by man. There are over 20,000 different rose species, with only around 100 of them naturally occurring in the wild. They originally originated in Asia and quickly spread across most of the rest of the world. 


Flower Care 

Roses can be cared for in many ways: You can keep them in containers, in your outdoor garden, or in vases and floral arrangements as cuttings. Here are some care tips to keep your flowers fresh and beautiful.

Growing in-ground or in containers

To grow healthy beautiful roses, they require at least 6 hours of full sunlight a day, and well-drained soil. Make sure you water it well, and let it grow it’s beautiful fragrant blooms!

If you’re caring for roses in a vase or floral arrangement,

make sure you put it in an area with adequate sunlight, remove any leaves or foliage that sit below the waterline to avoid the build up of debris, and keep your vase filled with clean, cool water.


With these tips, tricks, and fun facts about roses you can be sure to enjoy your flowers longer, and maybe even enjoy them a little more with your newfound knowledge. 

Happy flowering! 


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