All About Miniature Spray Roses- November Year of Flowers

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Welcome to November! 

We’re close to closing out our 2022 Year of Flowers, but let’s finish out strong! 

This month’s flower the Miniature Spray Rose is unique and delightful, and shows the most beautiful things can come in small packages. 

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Miniature Spray Roses- An introduction 

Spray Roses are miniature standard roses that have multiple small blooms per stem. Petite and beautiful, spray roses generally have 3 to 5 heads. They make a perfect addition to any Fall or Winter garden, or accent piece to a floral arrangement. They’re also popular For making table-top centerpieces, corsages and small floral arrangements.

How, you ask, do we get these adorable little accent flowers? Breeding. 

Mini spray roses are regular roses that have been selectively bred to be smaller, but otherwise just as colorful, vibrant, and scentful as their larger counterparts. 


Colors of the Mini Spray Rose 

As previously mentioned, Spray Roses (or mini roses) come in a variety of colors, similar to the full size rose flowers. Here are some of the colors you can find, and common meanings associated with them. 


Spray roses are similar in both colors and meanings to standard roses, although their smaller size and delicate features have a softening effect.

Red: Romantic love

Pink: Gratitude, Love, Appreciation

Yellow: Get well, Friendship and Happiness

Lavender / Purple: Romance, Love at First Sight, Enchantment


History and Facts about the Miniature Spray Rose

Spray roses belong to the family Rosaceae, and like standard roses are related to peaches, plums, cherries and strawberries.

There is much speculation about the exact origins of miniature roses, and we’ll never be exactly sure where they came from. Many sources suggest that they descended from a dwarf-sized Chinese rose hundreds of years ago and were sold in Asian and European markets as far back as the 18th century.

What we do know, is that as far back as we can remember, these flowers have been a delight to all. Florists and breeders have steadily come up with more and more amazing combinations and colors even today.  To quote a New York Times article from May 1977 “Todays miniature rose hybrids were developed by an international array of imaginative hybridizers. In the 1950’s when miniatures became popular in the United States we had only a few red or pink types to choose from. Now, after decades of careful breeding, the rose hybridizers have developed varieties to equal the rich assortment we have in larger roses.” 


Caring for your Spray Roses 

A beautiful bouquet of roses is always a joy to come home to. For this reason, it’s important to know how to keep your bouquets fresh for as long as possible! Follow these tips to keep your bouquet fresh, fragrant and beautiful for longer. 

1. Trim your stems 3-5cm

After travelling to you, the ends of your stems may be starting to get hard and dry. Trim at least 3cm off your stems and they’ll be able to drink and rehydrate faster! Always cut them at an angle so they have the most surface area to drink from.

2. Prune some leaves away

Take off any leaves that will fall below your waterline, or are starting to brown. This will keep your flowers healthier and the water cleaner. 

3. Keep your water fresh. 

  Make sure you change the water in your vase every 5-7 days to keep it fresh and oxygenated. This ensures that your flowers stay happy and hydrated. 


Flower Patch Miniature Spray Roses

Here are some of our arrangements that feature Miniature spray roses. If you’ve been inspired by this article, We hope you buy one of these unique arrangements, or join our year of flowers, and get some spray roses delivered to your home to make your own fun project! 

“Queen for a Day” 

Dimensions:  38″ High X 20″ Wide

“Queen for the Day” Bouquet is designed to add style and vibrancy to that special someone’s castle, featuring… Liatris,  Larkspur, Roses, Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, Button Poms, Snapdragons, Miniature Roses, Statice, Solid Aster and Pink Waxflower designed within a Fabulous deep purple vase with a trendy plaid ribbon.


“Date Night” 

Dimensions: 32″ High X 13″ Wide

Our “Date Night” Bouquet has a little of everything we love, featuring… 6 Red Roses, Pink Snapdragons, Fragrant Stargazer Lilies, Miniature Roses and Alstroemeria stylishly designed within a colored glass vase accented with wax flower, bear grass wisp and a ribbon sash.



Dimensions: 31″H X 15″W

This beautifully romantic arrangement will leave that special someone “Breathless”.  It come beautifully arranged in a clear glass vase with an assortment of our most romantic blooms…including Calla Lilies, Crimson Red Roses, Hydrangea, Lilies, Miniature Roses, and accented with Wax Flower and Curly Willow Branches.

“Everlasting Love” 

Dimensions: 32″H X 15″W

For a love that lasts forever, our “Everlasting Love” arrangement is just for that. It comes bursting from a red vase with Calla lilies, stargazer lilies, crimson red roses, orchids, miniature roses, and eucalyptus accented with sheer ribbon.

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