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Four Amazing Things that Nobody Will Tell You About Flowers Are you feeling depressed? Just stop by your local flower dealer and pick a pot of poises. A new research conducted by behavioral researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey indicates that flowers have an impact on human’s emotional status. In that study, the researchers found a scientific connection between emotional health and flowers. The 10-month research ended conclusively and the scientists deduced that presence of flowers was found to elevate moods. Below are some characteristics of flowers that help boost moods. 1. The Gift of Memory Naturally, flowers are very beautiful. Apart from their appearance, it has been scientifically proven that flowers trigger happy memories thereby helping to elevate moods. According to behavioral researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey, pink lily can remind you of a family member while a String of Gladioli may trigger a memory of a dear friend. 2. Flowers Ease anxiety and Stress Scientifically, smelling flowers can ease stress and alleviate mild depression. It is in this regard that aromatherapy works on principles of floral fragrances. Additionally, those candles in your house have floral scents. Flowers like Lavender helps in easing stress. Therefore, flowers are good in eliminating stress and improving moods. 3. Healing Qualities Just like painting, flowers are natural art that draws out all sorts of emotions. Combining both color and aromas flowers have unique characteristics to calm a disturbed mind. According to study, sweet aromas of flowers increase the willingness of an individual to help others. Additionally Roses and Lavender are the perfect solutions for insomnia and anxiety 4. Color Scheme Flowers come in different colors and shapes. Different color in flowers relays different messages. Red flowers signify love while yellow bouquet signifies friendship. A study conducted by researchers at the Columbia University, indicates that moods have a direct correlation with secondary and primary colors. That being said, flowers are a natural remedy that improves moods. To learn more about flowers, you can visit our website At our organization, the value is always in full bloom.Las madres son un símbolo de amor y fuerza en todo el mundo. Parece justo reservar un día cada año para hacerle saber lo importante que es. Pero hubo un tiempo en que no había vacaciones oficiales dedicadas a las madres en México. La historia de su nacimiento es una historia del papel de una mujer en la cultura mexicana en la década de 1920. El día de la madre fue creado en los Estados Unidos por Anna Jarvis y se convirtió en un festivo americano oficial en 1914. Muchas personas que vivían en el norte de México siguieron a sus vecinos norteamericanos y empezaron a celebrar también. En la década de 1920, muchos mexicanos celebraban extraoficialmente un día dedicado a la maternidad. Fue durante este tiempo que algunas personas en México se preocuparon de que las mujeres estuvieran siendo disuadidas de lo que más creía era su principal función en la vida: tener hijos. Esta preocupación se debió a tres grandes cambios en la cultura de la mujer: 1 las mujeres gozaban de sus derechos políticos y se hacían más activas en la política; (2) las mujeres estaban encontrando un lugar en el mundo profesional; y (3) las mujeres fueron fácilmente capaces de encontrar información sobre los anticonceptivos. Las mujeres estaban experimentando una libertad fuera del hogar que nunca habían conocido. Fue un editorial en un periódico de la ciudad de México que lideró el camino hacia un día oficial de la madre mexicana. En el Excelsior, el editor Raphael Alducin afirmó los lazos que existían entre la maternidad y los valores tradicionales de México. Pronto, la celebración tomó un enfoque religioso, con imágenes de la Virgen y el niño simbolizando la maternidad en México. El arzobispo de México sancionó oficialmente la festividad y el primer día oficial de la madre mexicana se celebró el 10 de mayo de 1922. Con todo lo que las madres hacen por sus familias, un día de celebración puede parecer muy poco. Pero al menos en México, las madres siempre tendrán el 10 de mayo.Mother’s Day is a special day set aside to honor and recognize the sacrifices and accomplishments of mothers all over the world. In Mexico, Mother’s day also known as Día de la Madre is celebrated on May 10 as opposed to the Mother’s Day in the US that falls on the second Sunday of May. On this day, families go out of their way to show appreciation for their mothers and mother figures by showering them with gifts, love, and affection. The concept of Mother’s Day in Mexico was introduced in 1922 but was discouraged by the conservative government as they believed that women were being diverted from their primary role – childbearing. With the efforts of socialist government, media, and Catholic Church, this notion was challenged as it was seen as a huge threat to traditional values. Rafael Alducin, a Mexico City newspaper editor was the power behind the official establishment of Mother’s Day in Mexico on May 10, 1922. He wrote and published an editorial that affirmed the deep ties that existed between motherhood and Mexico’s traditional values. Although the practice had already spread to some parts of Mexico, his article triggered a widespread observance of the holiday. The day grew in popularity and in 1940, the wife of President Manuel Avilla Camacho, Soledad Orozco Garcia declared 10th May a holiday, thus making it a state-sponsored celebration. Following this, the Archbishop of Mexico gave his official sanction to the holiday and that is when Mexicans realized the holiness of mother’s day. Celebrations begin with people gathering at the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe to mark the spirit of motherhood. Typically, the present mothers are serenaded to the song Las Mañanitas, served early morning meals and presented with handmade gifts, cards and flowers. Together, let’s honor the women who raised us and show them how important they are to us.Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days for flower delivery worldwide, but choosing the right Mother’s Day flowers for your mom (or other special woman in your life) can be a difficult task in and of itself. What do you give the person who gave you everything? If there’s a special lady in your life who you’d like to thank this Mother’s Day, one of the most popular ways to show your appreciation is to send her some beautiful blooms to let her know how much you love and admire her for the support and care she’s given you over the years.

The Most Popular Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so be sure and keep these popular flower choices in mind when you are choosing an arrangement to send to the special woman in your life!A fresh bouquet of roses is a great way to show your loved one in Utah how much you care about them. In fact, it’s no secret that roses are the most popular floral arrangement in the United States. But did you know that roses typically only have a lifespan of about seven days once they are cut? Luckily, by following these next few tips, you can optimize the life of your roses and keep them looking fresh and beautiful for as long as possible. Firstly, while gently handling the roses, be sure to remove any and all of the leaves that will be below the water level of the vase. Cut the stem at an angle, at least 1-inch from the bottom, and place it in your vase. Leaves or foliage of any kind will cause bacteria in the water and clog the newly-cut stem. When removing foliage from a rose, clip off the leaves, rather than pull them off. Pulling off the leaves may scar or cut into the bark of the rose which will not allow for proper water absorption. Once you’ve done that, fill your vase with warm water and add a floral preserve. Many florists will include a packet of floral preserve with your purchase of a rose bouquet, but there are also several different ways to make your own, including a highly diluted mixture of lemon juice, water, sugar, and bleach. Now that you’ve taken those steps, you can then simply arrange your roses in the vase however you like and in whatever way is visually pleasing to you. Next time you buy roses for your Utah sweetheart, keep these tips in mind and know that by following these very simple steps, it’s certain that your roses will be looking fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.