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History of Flowers and Veterans Day

Posted by flowerpatchdev on  November 13, 2018

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Poppies are the iconic symbol of Veteran’s Day. Across the pond, the United Kingdom created an expansive art piece called the Poppy Installation – a traveling project commemorating WW1 soldiers – four years ago. The project is a vivid floral display featuring one ceramic poppy for every UK soldier killed during World War One and has been placed on display in the Tower of London as well as other historic sites across the country. The

Interesting Flower Delivery Stories

Posted by flowerpatchdev on  September 6, 2018

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For the longest time, flowers have been used to express feelings and emotions in a way that words cannot. Florists have conjured different meanings to flowers depending on the type and color. People send flowers to their loved ones from time to time for various reasons. Flowers can be sent to a loved one either to apologize or show appreciation. They can be sent to people who are sick, to pass a message of hope

Main Occasions People Like Sending Flowers

Posted by flowerpatchdev on  August 31, 2018

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Category: Flowers, Mother's Day, Occassions
  Bouquets or single flowers are the perfect gifts that seamlessly fit any occasion from celebrating birthdays and wedding to expressing emotions and thoughts during sickness and funerals. There are no bad ways to present flowers to someone, but there are unique flowers with certain symbols and represent unique meanings. Whether you give someone a bouquet or a long-stemmed rose, you will be truly expressing your emotions and thoughts while reminding the recipient how special

Flowers Scientifically Improve Mood

Posted by lexy isaksen on  May 22, 2018

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Four Amazing Things that Nobody Will Tell You About Flowers Are you feeling depressed? Just stop by your local flower dealer and pick a pot of poises. A new research conducted by behavioral researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey indicates that flowers have an impact on human’s emotional status. In that study, the researchers found a scientific connection between emotional health and flowers. The 10-month research ended conclusively and the scientists deduced that presence

Historia del Día de la Madre Mexicana

Posted by lexy isaksen on  May 7, 2018

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Category: Mother's Day
Las madres son un símbolo de amor y fuerza en todo el mundo. Parece justo reservar un día cada año para hacerle saber lo importante que es. Pero hubo un tiempo en que no había vacaciones oficiales dedicadas a las madres en México. La historia de su nacimiento es una historia del papel de una mujer en la cultura mexicana en la década de 1920. El día de la madre fue creado en los Estados