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Christmas Decor & Floral traditions

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The classic holiday decorations that we tend to use, and the first things that come to mind when thinking about Christmas and Holiday decor, actually have a very long history, reaching back to the Romans in 500 BC which were the first known society to decorate for the holiday season.

They used many of the same things we still use today such as wreaths, lights in trees, and even eggnog! 

Let’s explore some of the history behind Christmas decor and flowers to help you bring a little extra meaning and inspiration this season. 

First Appearances

Historians believe the Romans were the first to decorate for Christmas, starting Around 500 BC. Wreaths, gifts, lights in trees, and eggnog were part of a pagan festival known as Saturnalia, celebrated in mid-December.

The first time the official Christmas holiday was introduced by Rome was 336 AD. 

In the 17th century Poinsettias were starting to be used in holiday decorating around Mexico. In 1827 the US. Secretary of War brought the flowers back from Mexico to the United States.


The 1800’s also brought a larger expansion for Christmas decorating and gift giving, with the re-introduction of Christmas trees by the Germans, the first Christmas cards, the first mentions of Santa Claus or St. Nicholas, and stockings by the hearth. This is when the legends and spirit of Christmas start to come alive around the world. 


Traditional decor around the world. 

In Greece they are famous for huge displays of boats and ships decorated with lights, garland, and various holiday decorations. Even smaller towns and merchants will decorate their boat in the holiday spirit. 

In Norway, small paper baskets called julekurver baskets are hung around the home and filled with nuts and candy throughout the holiday season


In Spain, poinsettias are extremely popular to adorn the home, and many Spaniards also place a tray of seasonal sweets like candied fruit and marzipan near the front door to greet visitors.


The nativity scene is popular iin Italian churches and homes alike. Children play a part in the decoration, adding carved or painted figurines to the nativity sets leading up to Christmas Eve, when the baby Jesus is placed in his manger. 


French Christmas decorations include festive wreaths decorated with ribbons, pine cones and nuts. A second wreath is also often placed on a table four weeks before Christmas, crafted from fresh foliage and adorned with delicate ribbons. Four candles representing peace, love, hope and joy are placed in the wreath, with one lit each Sunday in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. 


Floral traditions 

A flower arrangement or decorated wreath is a perfect way to give your home some holiday cheer, but still have a bit of life through the cold winter. 

Some of the typical Christmas flowers are the Poinsettia (known as the Christmas plant), Amaryllis, Holly, and, of course, mistletoe! Each of these flowers has a special meaning that make it an important part of traditional decorations 



The Amaryllis tends to represent determination, beauty and love. Amaryllis is a Greek female name that means ‘sparkle’


Poinsettias have had a few meanings over the years. They were once considered to be a symbol of purity by past civilizations. They are now seen as a symbol of good cheer and success. They are said to bring wishes of celebration.


This kind of goes without saying, but the mistletoe will obviously have somewhat of a romantic representation due to the acts taken place underneath. 


Holly was once a symbol of fertility and eternal life – it was thought to contain magical powers. Christians have, in this day and age, adopted the holly tree as a symbol for Christmas. The sharp leaves symbolize the thorns worn by Christ, and the berries represent Christ’s blood.


Pine wreaths are also a popular Christmas decor. They are used all around the world, decorated with various other pine cones, berries, flowers, strings and lights. 

Whether you like traditional, or more modern touches, we at flower patch want to make sure your home is decorated to have that jolly spirit we all look forward to this holiday season. Check out our Christmas Collection Today! 

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