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Easter Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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Easter is a time to celebrate with family and friends, and what better way to show them how much you care than with a thoughtful gift? In this post, we’ll explore the history of Easter and traditional gifts, as well as provide ideas for floral gifts and what kinds of flowers to have for Easter.

The History of Easter and Traditional Gifts

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also a time for gift-giving, with many traditional gifts associated with the holiday. One such gift is the Easter egg, which represents new life and rebirth. In addition to chocolate eggs, you can also find beautifully decorated eggs made from wood or porcelain.

Another traditional gift for Easter is the Easter basket. These baskets are usually filled with treats such as candy, small toys, and other goodies. You can even make your own Easter basket and fill it with personalized gifts and flowers for your loved ones.


What Kinds of Flowers to Have for Easter

Easter is a celebration of new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate than with fresh flowers? Some of the most popular flowers for Easter include daffodils, tulips, and lilies. Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, while tulips represent the arrival of spring. Lilies are also a popular choice, with their pure white petals symbolizing purity and new life.


Floral Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and meaningful Easter gift, consider giving flowers. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Flower Arrangements

A beautiful flower arrangement is a classic and timeless way to show someone you care. You can choose from one of our pre-designed arrangements with variety of flowers and colors, or create a personalized bouquet that reflects the recipient’s personality and tastes.

Flower Subscription

For a gift that keeps on giving, consider a flower subscription. This is a great option for someone who loves fresh flowers but doesn’t have the time or resources to buy them regularly. With a flower subscription, they’ll receive a new bouquet or arrangement on a regular basis.

Consider our Year of Flowers subscription where the recipient recieves a new bundle of flowers every month for a whole year, accompanied with a blog with symbolism, fun facts and history of the flowers they receive! 

Stuffed Animals and Gift Baskets

If you’re purchasing for a family or someone with children, a great idea is a gift basket or a cute stuffed animal. Combine our stuffed animals with a flower arrangment for a special gift with a perfect design to make it special.

In conclusion, Easter is a time for celebrating new beginnings and showing your loved ones how much you care. Whether you choose to give traditional gifts like Easter eggs and baskets, or opt for a thoughtful floral gift, there are plenty of ways to make this holiday special for those you love.

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