Five ways to stay in touch while staying safe

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Five ways to stay in touch while staying safe

We all need human interaction to feel our best; but with everything going on in the world right now, it can be challenging to stay in touch with friends and family in a way that also keeps our loved ones safe. It’s easy to confuse “social distancing” with “isolating” but we can definitely keep our distance while keeping in contact! The little things can make the biggest difference in making someone feel connected, especially friends and family who may live alone. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of five simple ways to show someone you’re here for them.

1. Just a phone call away

A simple call or text, just to say hi goes a long way and takes jus a few minutes. We spend so much time scrolling through social media on our phones, why not take a few moments reach out to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile?

2. Distant Dinner Date

Miss dining with friends? As quarantine rules begin to loosen, consider picking up takeout from your favorite local restaurant- and taking it outside with a friend. Bonus: you get a little extra outdoor time in any setting you choose, whether that’s a park, a backyard or a nearby trail. Why aren’t we doing this all the time?

3. You don't have to miss your workout or your workout buddy

Forget quarantine 15! You and your workout buddy can hold yourselves accountable for workouts by coming up with your own routine and challenging each other via video. Stay in touch and stay in shape.

4. Plan your next big adventure

Just because you can’t go on trips with friends right now doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your next great adventure! It’s time to start saving, deciding where to go and what to pack. When the time comes for your trip, you and your friends will be totally ready!

5. Snail Mail

Who doesn’t love getting “real” mail? Send a handwritten letter, fresh flowers, or a tasty treat and you’ll be sure to brighten anyone’s day. Many business are currently offering options for  no contact delivery.  Need ideas? Check out our collection of summer favorites and make it a little extra special with a balloon and chocolates!

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