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Flower of the Month December: Stargazer

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Flower of the Month December: Stargazer

One of the most stunning and perhaps most celebrated lily varieties is the star gazer lily. Known for its striking blooms and heavenly scent, the stargazer is a fantastic choice for a number of occasions. Stargazer lilies are young, bold, beautiful, and dramatic. The meaning of these fragrant flowers can be one of wealth, prosperity and ambition, but their white variety can genuinely express purity and sympathy.

Some fun facts about them:

  1. If you suffer from allergies, there is no need to worry because the pollen can be removed from these flowers. Not only does this benefit your allergies, but it also prevents any potential mess from the pollen falling onto the table below.
  2. Stargazers are not only loved for their beauty, but also their sweet scent. Their smell is quite strong and has a way of filling a room.
  3. Stargazers are a long lasting flower. They can last upwards of 2 weeks as the old blooms die, cut them off to promote the other blooms.
  4. Since the flowers rely so much on nutrients, you must make sure that you add flower food to the water. This helps regulate bacterial growth as well as providing the flowers with extra nutrients.
  5. The flowers of Stargazer lilies are large, growing to be 6 to 12 inches in diameter, and they grow towards the sky, appearing to gaze upwards.

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