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With their one-of-a-kind shape and vibrant rainbow of colors, tulips are arguably the most-loved spring flower. This unique bloom makes a perfect gift, and perfect addition to home decor—both inside and outside. Much like your closest friend, tulips are friendly, super chic and you love having them around. The symbolism of different colored tulips is as follows: Pink – Caring Purple – Royalty Red – Declaration of Love White – Forgiveness Yellow – Hopelessly in Love Variegated – Beautiful Eyes Some fun facts about tulips are as follows:
  1. Although many believe that tulips originated in Holland, they actually began as a wildflower in Turkey.
  2. Variegated tulips are some of the most popular varieties due to their striking color patterns.
  3. Even though tulips are known as a spring flower many varieties are grown all year round.
  4. Be aware tulips can grow almost an inch daily, even after being cut and will open during the day and close back up at night.
  5. Tulips naturally bend toward the light, so consider the placement of your bouquet carefully to avoid a lopsided bouquet.