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Flower of the Month January: Purple Dendrobium Orchids

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Why do we love orchids so much? Some believe it is partly because orchids seem to look back at us with their symmetrical faces. There are 25,000 different varieties of Orchids, With the Dendrobium Orchid being the most popular of all. With a delicate bloom these orchids symbolize refinement, luxury, and mystery.

Some facts about Dendrobium orchids are as follows:

  1. They come is many different colors. Green, White, Purple with white center, Light Pink, Deep Purple, and Blue Died.
  2. The Dendrobium Orchid is used in teas and soups as a tonic to protect singers’ voices, and is also believed to help prevent cancer and boost the immune system.
  3. Orchids are often linked with tropical climates but what most people may not realize is that they grow nearly everywhere on Earth—in cold and warm climates, both high in the jungle canopy and hidden beneath leaf litter in a temperate forest or on a wet grassy area near your home.

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