Flower of the Month July: Rose – Red

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What’s more classically romantic than red roses? Almost everyone knows (or should know) that a brilliant bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to declare feelings of romantic love. Whether in celebration of an anniversary, wedding, Valentine’s Day or even National Romance Month (August), there is no mistaking the implication of passion, desire and above all, love, associated with red roses.

Some fun rose facts are:

  1. There are over 400 songs dedicated to roses.
  2. Since ancient days, the rose has been known as the ultimate symbol of love.
  3. The tallest rose bush ever recorded stood at an incredible 23 feet tall
  4. On November 20, 1986, President Ronald Reagan officially made the rose the national flower emblem of the United States. He even did this while standing in the famous White House Rose Garden.
  5. Roses are one of only three flowers mentioned in the bible.
  6. Roses come in many colors but there is no naturally occurring black rose.

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