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Flowers and Fourth of July

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It’s that time of year again. Fireworks, food, friends, family, and…. FLOWERS! 

No Fourth of July is complete without a beautiful flower arrangement to brighten up the atmosphere and complete your festive look. Many are tempted to go with the classic (yet a little boring?) red, white, and blue arrangement however there are so many options for this holiday to mix it up and include other relevant and symbolic flowers to help celebrate. Let’s explore some Flower pairings to help you spice up your fourth. 


Be sure to click the link below the photos to get your own arrangement! 


Red Rose 

If you want to go with a classic flower, the red rose symbolizes love, devotion, and eternity. In 1986, Ronald Reagan pronounced the rose the national flower of the US. This flower is grown all across the country and plays an important role in parades, anniversaries, celebrations – and generally the everyday life of Americans – making it perfect to spark all the right emotions this Independence day.

Check out our assortment of red roses Here.



This flower is a symbol of freedom, making them perfect for the fourth of July. These flowers are sturdy with flowy petals and are often grown to cut for flower arrangements and floral crafts. 



This flower is a symbol of strength and courage, and as a bonus, they look like the stars on the American flag. Combine them with greenery, roses, tulips, Or tie a bunch off with a trailing ribbon for a ‘bright stars through the perilous fight’ effect.”



The Hydrangea symbolizes gratitude, harmony, and peace which makes it a fitting addition to your home during this independence day.

With their big, beautiful blooms they are a great pair to any of the other flowers we have listed here. In our “Blooms of Happiness” arrangement we pair Miniature roses, Hydrangea, and lilies to get a beautiful bundle to accent your home, that also adds meaning to your celebration.


Delphiniums and Gerbera Daisies 

These two flowers both have strong patriotic symbolism. Daisies represent purity and innocence, while Delphinium inspires hope and perseverance for a strong future. Delphiniums are considered the official birth flower for July. 

The large, colorful blooms of the Gerbera Daisy and the long proud stems of the Delphiniums make them a perfect pairing for an arrangement, like as seen in our “Raspberry Ripple” arrangement linked below.


No matter how you celebrate, we hope you have the happiest of holidays on this Fourth of July. 

Be thankful, Be happy, Be SAFE! 


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