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Interesting Flower Delivery Stories

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For the longest time, flowers have been used to express feelings and emotions in a way that words cannot. Florists have conjured different meanings to flowers depending on the type and color. People send flowers to their loved ones from time to time for various reasons. Flowers can be sent to a loved one either to apologize or show appreciation. They can be sent to people who are sick, to pass a message of hope and goodwill, wishing them a quick recovery. In weddings, when the bride throws the bouquet to the single ladies, the flowers are seen as a good luck charm to whoever who grabs them. We also bid our loved ones an eternal goodbye by laying the wreath on the casket as a symbol of eternity, with Christians believing we shall see them again in the afterlife.

Like most people, the first day I received flowers remains so fresh in my mind to this day. It was Valentine’s Day, and I was in the 7th grade. We were supposed to have the English lesson, but the teacher was not around, so a lot of whispering and movement was going on with most of the pupils discussing what they knew about valentine’s day. Martha, one of my best friends, showed us a flower she had been given very early in the morning by her boyfriend in the 8th grade. Everyone was surprised with other like me envying her and wondering why we were not as lucky. George the class monitor threatened to report her but she gave him two chocolates, and he promised not to say a thing. Relationships in the school were strictly forbidden, and anyone who found could be sent home to bring their parents in addition to receiving a serious punishment.

During the Physical Education lesson as we excitedly walked to the field, my desk mate sneaked behind me with a fresh rose flower well-hidden along the sleeve of his sweater. I could not stop wondering where he had gotten the flower since the last time I remember; he had confided in me that his girlfriend had left him for a boy in the neighborhood. However, to my utter surprise, the rose flower was meant for me. He had been sent by someone in the 8th grade who was afraid to give it directly to me. It was from Dan, the boy who never talked to me let alone notice me even when I made so many efforts. He was the most handsome boy in the whole school, and I love the way he walked around confidently and was even feared by the roughest boys in the school who were used to bullying the younger boys.

Everyone in our class wanted to be associated with someone of the other gender especially during Valentine’s Day and such a gift from Dan was more than welcome. However, I still could not forget that If word got to the school administration or my father in that case, I could end up in big trouble. On the other hand, this was a rose flower, presented to me, for the first time from someone I was always dying for in my heart. I was so happy to take the flower which I later on tucked under my bed and could secretly check on it regularly. I remember I did not eat the day I realized it had dried up.

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