Main Occasions People Like Sending Flowers

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Bouquets or single flowers are the perfect gifts that seamlessly fit any occasion from celebrating birthdays and wedding to expressing emotions and thoughts during sickness and funerals. There are no bad ways to present flowers to someone, but there are unique flowers with certain symbols and represent unique meanings. Whether you give someone a bouquet or a long-stemmed rose, you will be truly expressing your emotions and thoughts while reminding the recipient how special he or she is to you.

While buying flowers from Flower Patch; your all-time favorite Utah florist and flower store, put some thought into the variety and color. Let us help you choose the best flowers to perfectly fit the personal taste, décor, symbolism, and of course the occasion. Here at Flower Patch, we understand that there are different and unique occasions that people like sending flowers and each occasion can call for something extraordinary and different. Let’s go through some of the main occasions people like sending flowers.

Valentine’s Day

Sending flowers to a person you love is the best way to express how genuinely you love them. It is a perfect way to let them know that they are always in your mind. At Flower Patch, our wide selection of romantic flowers will be a sure way to woo her or him and make their heart melt. So whether you are planning to win over the girl of your dreams or show your boyfriend, girlfriend, or wife that he or she mean the world to you and you truly love them— we will gladly help you do it in style!


We all love flowers— men and women in equal measures. This is why, surprising someone special with a bouquet of birthday blooms perfectly expresses how special they are to you. We have a great selection of the most beautiful and freshest flowers from the all-time popular rose to lilies to choose from.

Get Well Soon

When our loved ones get sick, we share their pain and sorrows, and it is our job to brighten up their face, put a smile back, and be their aide on the road to recovery. A vibrant bouquet that symbolizes joy is the perfect way to tell them to get well and wish them a quick recovery.


There is nothing more special to express your congratulations with than using flowers. They are the ideal gift for every anniversary that a friend or family is celebrating. We have an exclusive range of anniversary flowers that provide a perfect solution when looking for a unique gift.

Mother’s Day

There are no words that can express how special our mothers are. Mother’s Day presents us with a unique opportunity to celebrate our mothers and to show them we have always appreciated their sacrifices. Having a special way to express your love and appreciation for her is a great deal. And sending flowers to tell them were it not for their unconditional love, you won’t be where you are- is very important! We feel proud to be part of such momentous occasions and our mother’s day flowers are uniquely prepared to show how worth our mums are!

Birth of a Baby

Introducing a new life into this world is not an ordinary thing, it’s a special moment and deserves to be celebrated. And there is no better way of doing so than sending flowers to congratulating them for bringing a new blessing to life. Whether it is a boy or a girl, there is a wide range of flowers to choose from.


Christmas usually present an opportune time for family members and friends to come together to celebrate this festive season. Bringing flowers to family, friends, and loved ones is a unique way of stretching a mile further from our traditional way of celebrating Christmas.

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