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Ring in the new year- Starting fresh with flowers

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The time is here. Time to welcome in a new year, a fresh start, and time to set intentions and goals for yourself over the next 12 months. 

A time for thought, reflection, recuperation, and hopefully a time to rest the mind to start anew when 2023 begins. 

During this time you should support yourself in your home with things that fill your life with reminders, inspiration, and passion. 

There are many meaningful flowers around new years. Use these flowers to fill your home with intentions of good luck, fortune, fresh starts, and beauty, or give a gift to a loved one to show your love and support in the new year. 


Here are some of the flowers you may want to include in your New Years Celebrations. 



These flowers are thought to bring good luck and fortune, and symbolizes happiness and gratitude. 

The beautiful lush blooms and amazing color variety makes it ideal to include in home decor or floral arrangements. 

This arrangement comes beautifully arranged in a clear glass vase with an assortment of our best blooms…including Calla Lilies, Crimson Red Roses, Hydrangea, Lilies, Miniature Roses, and accented with Wax Flower and Curly Willow Branches.




Mums are said to carry strong positive energy currents that attract good luck into your home. 



These unique flowers have long been thought to enhance fertility, wealth, luxury, and good fortune. For New Years decorating these beautiful blooms can be used throughout the home, alone or in a vase with sprigs of baby’s breath or Snake Grass. 

.   featuring Dendrobium
Orchids, Three bright Colored Roses , Button Poms and Enchantment Lilies emerging from a clear glass vase and accented with a pink sheer Ribbon Sash!
fragrant Stargazer Lilies, Delicate Dendrobium Orchid Strands & three elegant Crimson Red Roses














White Flowers 

In most flower symbolism, white represents a fresh start, clean slate, innocence and purity. 

This can be a wonderful accent color to your New Years Decor, and give your home a classy clean feel. Many beautiful blooms, including the ones we discussed before, can come in a beautiful white color. 



As you can see, new years comes with many promises and omens, symbols of hope and the future.

Whether you’re trying to come up with the perfect gift for a hostess or loved one, or you’re ready to replace those christmas decorations, consider adding some floral love from Flower Patch.

Shop our full collection, or search for a specific flower or theme at our website


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