Say it with flowers – Happy Anniversary!

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Floral Anniversary Gifts by Year

Looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one? With so many flowers to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect arrangement! Here are five gift ideas based on anniversary traditions:

  1. First Anniversary
    Much like your new relationship, the theme for a first anniversary should be fresh and bright! Choose yellow or gold arrangements – potted plants can be a great option as a gift that will grow with you.
  2. 10th Anniversary
    One flower is great, a bunch is even better… the same goes for anniversaries. A tenth anniversary is traditionally celebrated with diamonds. We suggest taking a modern approach and selecting a floral arrangement with a little bling of it’s own! Check out our “A Little Extra” and “Diamonds Make Me Blush” arrangements for some sparkling ideas.
  3. 15th Anniversary
    This years color is ruby red, traditionally symbolizing romance and passion. You can’t go wrong with traditional red roses to keep the flame alive on this anniversary.
  4. 25th Anniversary
    Celebrate your 25th anniversary with silver. You can’t go wrong adding a shimmering touch to any arrangement or gift.
  5. 50th Anniversary
    If you’re shopping for flowers for your 50th anniversary, congratulations! What a milestone! This is the “golden” anniversary;  it shows the prosperity, wisdom, strength and significance of such a long-standing union.

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