Thanksgiving with Flowers: Traditions, symbolism, and decor tips for your holiday gatherings.

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There are certain flowers we automatically associate with a particular holiday (like red roses for Valentine’s Day or poinsettias for Christmas). 

But what about Thanksgiving?

Whether you’re decorating your home to invite your loved ones, or you’re looking for the perfect thanksgiving housewarming gift for someone else, incorporating flowers that are traditionally used for fall and thanksgiving can give your space an extra special touch. 

Today we explore the world where thanksgiving, fall, and flowers come together. 

Learn about Thanksgiving symbolism, traditional flowers, decorating with fall colors, and flowers that thrive in the peak of autumn. 


Traditional and Symbolic Thanksgiving Flowers 

There are many flowers traditionally used around thanksgiving. Some of which include: 

These flowers are used in thanksgiving and fall floral decor for different reasons. Some are used for their very autumn-like color scheme like reds, auburn, brown, and gold. Others have unique symbolism that add meaning to an item. Most are popular because they thrive in the late fall and early winter months. 

Sunflowers symbolize joy, jubilation and thankfulness to create a positive fall decor atmosphere.


Flowers like daisies bring a bit of cheer to the often muted colors of the fall decor and Thanksgiving arrangements. The flowers come in several accenting shades including yellow, red, purple, coral, pink and white. An added bonus is the pleasant aroma and fragrance the flowers provide when placed in a gathering area or around a table.


Roses mean different things depending on many factors including color. For this reason, many different roses are used around thanksgiving.

Orange roses—depending on the hue—can mean life and passion (bright orange) or gratitude (softer peach tones). Both are relevant to a holiday celebrating family, love, and success! 

Both Chrysanthemums and Roses in Red symbolize love, and snapdragons can mean graciousness. This helps add to the thoughtfulness and vibe of your holiday gathering, and these flowers also look stunning together in a floral arrangement!

These are just some things to think about when choosing what you want to include in your thanksgiving gathering. 


Decor and Centerpieces 

Finding the perfect decor and centerpiece for your Holiday gatherings is essential, and goes beyond just picking the flowers and colors you’d like to include. Many Thanksgiving centerpieces feature candles or tealights knowing that the sun sets early in late November, so your centerpiece should contribute to the perfectly lit dinner table. Thinking about your space, colors, and needs are essential to having the perfect decorated space.


Pick a centerpiece that meshes with the room, is an appropriate size for your table and space (not too big or too small!) and includes some meaningful flowers and details that you can share with the people gathered around as a conversation piece.

For room decorations, consider including an arrangement in the corners with accenting colors and nice scents that add to the ambiance. 

Some string lights and other fall decorations are a nice touch as well. You want the room to be well-lit but not too bright, and have enough room for everyone to sit and move around comfortably. You have to save room for the food of course! 



If you’re visiting family or friends this Thanksgiving season, show your appreciation by arriving with a stunning fall bouquet

Your flowers should focus on giving off all those autumn vibes that make Thanksgiving so irresistible, which means opting for orange, yellow, brown, and red blooms are definitely the way to go. This will ensure it meshes with their other fall decor and accents the room beautifully. A well placed arrangement in a vase, or a thoughtful centerpiece could light up the room and the face of the recipient to make you the highlight of the gathering! Consider some of our fall favorite centerpieces or arrangements.

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