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Choose a Container

When choosing a container first consider the room in which it will be displayed. Select something that will compliment the decor. Neutral colored containers or clear glass are safe classics. Next, consider the vase opening & height as it must be large or small enough to easily fit all of your flower stems, & tall or short enough to properly display them.


Flower Conditioning & Container Preparation

Clean vase thoroughly and fill with warm water and floral preservative. Next, re-cut stems underwater with a sharp knife at an angle, then immediately begin inserting flowers into your container.


Design Techniques & Tips

For beginners we recommend using foliage or greenery as a base. Begin by inserting your greenery in a circular design, weaving the stems to create a nice secure structure that will hold your main flowers in place. If you are not using greenery, we recommend either weaving the flower stems in the same manner as mentioned above, or gathering them all together evenly and inserting them for a clean trendy look. Next, finish by inserting your main flowers into the greenery base to create your desired shape.



As your floral design confidence increases we recommend trying new product such as river rocks, twine, branches, and other objects from nature to create interest and support to the overall bouquet.