Top Flower Ideas for Fourth of July

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Top Flower Ideas for Fourth of July

For most people, the Fourth of July is synonymous with colorful fireworks, picnics, barbecues, and pool parties alongside friends and family. Patriotic steamers and white flags are often a staple on Fourth of July celebrations and decorations. What better way to display your patriotic pride by going out of your way to add beautiful flower arrangements to your decorations?

Flower arrangements for the Fourth of July

Whether you are holding a formal or informal event, patriotic floral centerpieces are guaranteed to brighten up the occasion. You can opt for ready-made flower arrangements which feature red, blue, and white or you can opt to DIY.

Should you decide on the latter, you can use red or white tulips, daisies, carnations, lilies, or roses. Blue flowers are quite hard to come by, but you can use hydrangea, periwinkle, and morning glory, and bluebells. Alternatively, you can use blue ribbons or a blue flower vase.

Where to use your flower arrangements

Some of the places where you can add your Fourth of July flower arrangements include:

  • Parade floats
  • Centerpieces for the party and picnic tables
  • Flower baskets and wreaths on your door, patio, porch, and balconies either in residential or commercial buildings
  • Cemeteries in memory of those who struggled for our freedom and independence

Caring for your flower arrangement in the hot, humid weather

How long your flower arrangement lasts depends on how healthy they were at the time of purchasing or cutting them, how they are stored, and how well you care for them.  If you’ve bought your flowers a few days prior to the Fourth of July event, consider using floral preservatives that fight harmful bacteria. Re-cut the flowers’ stems before you putting them in water. This allows the flowers to hydrate afresh. Make sure you change the water you immerse your flower stems in daily. Also, consider arranging the flowers in a clear vase so that you can easily monitor their stems’ health. If you are not in a position to put them in a jar of water right away, store them in a cool place. Do not leave them in a hot car.

Luckily, premade arrangements which are provided in containers or baskets have a floral foam which holds the flower stems in place. The foam is designed to take after the flower stems’ cellular structure; it absorbs water which is absorbed through the stem to keep the flowers fresh and hydrated. In this case, you do not need to recut the stems. When pouring water on the foam, water from the foam’s edge to enable it to soak it up as it should.

Celebrate the Fourth of July with unique flower arrangements from Flower Patch. We have unique flower arrangements, centerpieces, and gift ideas that are sure to sizzle up your picnic or impress your friends both near and far. Some of our arrangements include patriotic decorations such as miniature flags. We also provide you with the Fourth of July keepsake containers such as mason jars.

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