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Christmas Flowers: All about Poinsettia

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We see Poinsettia’s commonly during the holidays. Wreaths, flower arrangements, home decor, pretty much everywhere you look you can see poinsettia’s in stores and homes around christmastime. But have you ever stopped to wonder why?

Well today we’re here to answer that question. We delve into the history of these beautiful flowers, uses around the world, and how it came to be one of the most common holiday decoration in the United States. Plus, some fun decorating tips and beautiful flower arrangements of course! 


History of the Poinsettia

Poinsettia’s originally originated in central america. The ancient Aztecs called them ‘cuetlaxochitl’. The Aztecs had many uses for them including using the flowers to make a purple dye for clothes and cosmetics and the milky white sap was made into a medicine to treat fevers. 

It was brought to the united states by a US ambassador Joel Roberts Poinsett, who brought them back from his travels in Mexico. 



Poinsettias and Christmas 

Why are Poinsettias so iconic and symbolic for the holidays and Christmas? A few reasons. 

  • First, these plants are cold-hardy and one of the only ones that bloom and thrive in mid winter, generally between october and early december. 


  • In the originating place of the plant, Mexico, there is a legend of a young girl named Pepita who picked a bundle of weeds from the roadside and made it into a bouquet as the only gift she could give baby Jesus. When she placed the bouquet by the nativity scene, the weeds burst into beautiful red flowers, and all who were there declared it a miracle. From that day on, these bright red flowers were known as the ‘Flores de Noche Buena’, or ‘Flowers of the Holy Night’.


  • The shape of the poinsettia flower and leaves are sometimes thought as a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem which led the Wise Men to Jesus. The red colored leaves symbolize the blood of Christ. The white leaves represent his purity.


  • In the early 1900’s the plant became iconic in the United states when a man named Paul Ecke discovered a new growing technique called “grafting”  that made the plants fuller and bushier. He then shipped these plants to US television networks across the country for free in a marketing campaign from Thanksgiving to Christmas to sell the plants. Since then, Poinsettias have been a Christmas staple all across the country. 


Poinsettia’s and Home Decor

There are countless ways to include Poinsettia’s in your holiday home decor. They come in a variety of colors, and even the iconic bright red flowers go wonderfully in a vase, stick some in your planters around the home, or a festive arrangement. 

You can even trim some cuttings to place in your christmas tree! 



Get your holiday floral arrangements. 

Winter is cold, and we’d all rather be inside. Take some of the nature in your home so you can still get some of the natural benefits of the outside world, even in the coldest months of winter. There are several flowers that thrive in the winter months, check out our seasonal arrangements today to add some natural beauty to your life. 



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