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Flower Meanings: “Roses”

Welcome to our Rose Meanings Archive! Through our “Rose Language” studies we have found that in Victorian times particularly, certain roses had specific meanings and the practice of assigning meanings to roses grew in popularity as lovers used floral exchanges to convey particular messages. A rose language common to most was more easily established as rose selection at the time was limited. But today, rose choices & varieties are vast & unique, so there are no rules- it’s the sentiment that gives the gift it’s meaning. Many people assign their own personal meanings- a flower or color that might remind them of a special event or moment in their lives. Keep in mind that rose meanings have changed & evolved over the years and many roses have taken on several different connotations pending culture & time period, therefore we have chosen to include in our Archive a list of both historic & modern meanings from a variety of different sources. Enjoy!!

Rose Meaning
Red Rose Symbolic of passionate love, respect, & courage.
Deep Red Rose Reveals unconscious beauty.
Pink Symbolic of grace, gentility & happiness.
Light Pink Conveys admiration.
Hot Pink Conveys “Thank You”.
Lavender Symbolizes Love at first sight.
Peach Symbolizes Appreciation.
Yellow Friendship, gladness & joy.
White Innocence, purity, reverence & humility.
Orange Enthusiasm, desire & fascination.
Red & Yellow Mix Happiness, Joviality.
Red & White Mix Signifies Unity.
A single Red Rose Reveals “I Love You”.
A single Rose Expresses Gratitude.

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